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I'm often asked what we test and why our fountain systems are different. The pumps we use are quite simply the best on the market :

Systems are given an initial visual check of exterior parts.

Internal moving parts are tested and checked for optimum performance.

Factory connectors are replaced with our preferred connectors which are more durable and give better contact.

The cable on the solar panel is connected with a double insulated, fully approved outdoor rubber cable that is highly resistant to the UK weather conditions and will not degrade. Designed to withstand a temerature range of : -25C to + 85C

With any 12-24 volt system getting good contacts and a really well put together means that a 1500 litre per hour system does just that. It is easy to cut corners and lose 10% here and 10% there. That is why we thoroughly test each one. That way, we know we have done it right and have put together a system that will out perform its rivals and give years of service!

Solar Solutions Fountains  is based in mid Wales and supply solar pump systems all over the UK and Europe  by mail order. We have been the experts in solar fountains for 20 years and our fountains have been used on TV  & installed at the National Trust,  The Environment Agency, Pershore College of Horticulture, The Centre for Alternative Technology, and numerous schools, colleges, and group venture projects.

Ponds are the easiest way to help nature in your garden. As well as encouraging frogs and newts which keep the slugs down, ponds also provide habitat for birds and insects that really bring life to your garden.  email us at  with any query pond questions.

Just imagine a fountain with no running costs and no unsightly or dangerous cables; a fountain which takes only minutes to install, and which boosts the oxygen in your pond; a really attractive feature that brings your garden to life. You've just imagined a Solar Solutions Fountains Solar Powered Fountain. All of our systems can be used to create: waterfeature & statues, waterfalls, fountains, bubble pools or anything you can imagine! It couldn't be easier, just place the pump in the water, point the solar panel south, plug the two cables together, and sit back and watch your fountain. Big or small we have a solar system to bring your garden to life!

                               At solar solutions fountains, we like to keep it simple!


We strive to make sure that our solar powered pond pumps are the simplest and best quality in the UK.  We offer three beautiful, ready to use, fully tested complete packages that you can have running in minutes. Both use the highest quality fully guaranteed components.

All our solar pump kits are supplied with a highly effecient solar panel  and our high quality pump, with all necessary cabling, fountain heads  and 2 metres of plastic tubing, giving you the choice of spray fountain or flow of water.

We do not sell battery backup systems because we balance our panels to the pumps. This means that there is enough power generated by the panel even in less than perfect uk summers!

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Solar water features are like flowers: All you need is water and sunshine