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SOLD OUT  The essential solar pump system. This solar powered system is new to the range but uses the same tried and trusted pumps. Useful if you only have a small pond or water feature.supplied with 3 different fountain nozzles which produce different water patterns including multi-jet spray nozzle, single jet fountain and water bell nozzle.mThis solar feature will produce a fountain jet reaching up to 180cm high.

Supplied with 2 x 10 watt solar panels, each with supporting poles and ground spikes that allow the solar panels to free stand in locations that receive good sunlight exposure. The solar panels can be separated and installed in different areas to receive sunlight at different times of the day. Factory assembled  £174 (sold out)



Standard system -  Ideal for smaller ponds and water features. Most ponds 6 x 4 feet or bigger use this excellent system which we have suppplied for over 20 years! Featured in our video this system can pump water 2 metres high (to a statue or waterfall etc) and can make a fountain spray of water nearly 6 foot high. It has a "volume" so you can turn it up or down to fit your pond perfectly. Moves up to 700 litres per hour. Still our most popular solar powered system used in gardens throughout the UK!

price £295



High power system- We also offer a  high performance system that uses the same make of pump and panel as the standard system mentioned above but with a higher performance pump. The slightly larger high performance pump delivers up to 1500 litres an hour and has a lift of nearly 3 metres and is ideal for larger ponds, statues and waterfalls. It lifts the water a third higher but also moves twice as much water. All systems are individually and fully tested before delivery. Our top quality pumps are covered by a three year warranty. We have managed to hold the price on this powerful pump for 2017 (you can always turn down the flow if you need to)

price £384



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   Simple systems to bring water in your garden to life ...

Which system is right for me?

It's a good question...bigger is not always better. All systems use the same high quality components. We have been helping gardeners for over 20 years, so if you are unsure which system is right for you please ring or email us for friendly advice. Even if you have a pond planned for the future or a water feature "in the pipeline" call us and we will be happy to chat about what will work for you.

As a rule of thumb, regular ponds that are roughly 6x4 feet work really well with the standard system and it is usually more than powerful enough. Larger ponds or features that incorporate waterfalls benefit from the high powered system. Smaller ponds (less than 6 x 4) may suit our new small system. As with any generalisation though, it's not always the case! So ring us if you are unsure..To see the pumps compared see our video on our "Guides"  page.

The 2017 range of pumps are better than ever:

The essential pump: All the quality of our other pumps, same performance as our standard system at an incredible price.

The standard solar pump: The gardeners favourite, from fountains to statues,this system with its robust panel is perfect for small to medium size ponds.

The high powered pump: The No.1 solar pump for the larger pond. The "go to" pump for waterfalls and water features. Solar solutions fountains has the perfect solution to bring your garden to life.