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So often the idea of a water feature can seem daunting - so, just to show you how simple it can be, here's a way to make a pebble pool that's so simple yet effective enough to make a stunning centrepiece for a roof terrace, patio or urban garden…and all you need is a Solar Solutions Powered Fountain Kit, a container and some pebbles! This water feature shows just how simple it is to use solar pumps. It has been done this way in lots of containers from oak barrels to butler sinks.


We have also published a book on creating wildlife ponds that is available to download to your kindle. It is available at the kindle store here..

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Instructions are all very well but sometimes it's nice to be able to see a video of what something looks like and it's also a good way of seeing just how simple they are...


People are often suprised by the angle that solar panels work best. The panels in this picture are HUGE compared to the ones we use but notice how shallow the angle is. In your garden, with our small panels, think almost flat then up a bit... That means that whatever position the sun is , it's light will be on the glass, so that your fountain runs longer.

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We know a lot of customers use our solar powered pond pumps as part of an environmentally friendly wildlife pond so thought this might be interesting. The priciples of a great wildlife pond are the same whatever the size. As you can see the newts love it !

How to make a pond for wildlife

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                                                  Our instructions are as easy as A B C !


If you want a waterfall or to run water through a feature like a statue, Attach tubing (A) to the pump (B) see diagram below...

If you want a fountain spray Attach fountain head spray (C) to the pump (B)

(the spray head is telescopic so you can pull it to make it longer)


The dial on the end adjusts the volume. It is set to max in the photo.


Your package may contain other attachments and spray heads, these are generally not used but may be wanted at a later date if you want to change things up but we like to keep it simple.


Connect your pump to the solar panel to bring your garden to life!

Solar water features are like flowers: All you need is water and sunshine