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Solar power that brings your garden to life


We can help you create a fountain, waterfall or a wildlife pond using our high quality solar pumps, with a panel, that is just as powerful and efficient as a mains alternative. Our pumps work in even partial sun-shine, so if sun is bright enough to cast a shadow, the pump will  work. We do that by carefully matching a panel that produces enough power in overcast conditions to power the pump. We use compact panels, designed to work in extreme conditions. The panels are small enough to fit in with your garden, whether you have a wildlife pond for frogs, a formal fountain or a statue.

We are very proud to say that for 20 years we have provided the best pond pumps (We have one of our original pumps from 1996 that is still going strong!) Our pumps are designed and built to last and can work as a fountain or as a waterfeature, all from a small poweful solar panel. With over two decades of experience we know how to make bringing water to life simple.

Solar solutions fountains: solar pond pumps, assembled and tested in the UK

The only solar powered pond pumps for waterfalls and fountains built for British weather

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Proper pumps, as powerful as a mains from a solar panel!

Solar pumps to suit any pond.

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As seen in BBC Gardeners World

Solar water features are like flowers: All you need is water and sunshine

New for 2017 : The essential solar pump for only £174!